Corona Help

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kesari Club has provided cooked meals & grocery kits to the poor and marginalised in Amreli district. Your support will help the NGO in extending the relief service to many more needy people.

Thalassemia Camp

Nobody can do everything, But everyone can do something. Donate Blood!! Thalassemia Major patients need regular blood transfusion for survival. Thalassemics India requests you to organize blood donation camps in your locality/area/or your organization.Your efforts can make a huge difference in somebody’s life. Contact Kesari Club Amreli to donate blood and help Thalassemia Major patients.

Shahid Smaranjali

Shahid (Martyrs) are people we need in this country. We need Martyrs to inspire people ,to urge them to fight , fight for a cause , a cause which is necessary for the greater good of India , our country or our world as a whole. People still remember Bhagat Singh's contribution to India , which continuously inspires our youth to fight at our borders , it makes them fearless to danger. Our little contribution towards the Shahid (Martyr) by Kesari Club Amreli.

Maa Darshan

Click above to see photos from Maa Darshan celebration by Kesari Club Amreli.

Independence Day Celebration

Kesari Club Amreli celebrated Independence Day to sort of remember the sacrifice and courage of the people who granted us this independence and by virtue of whom we are a democratic and free country now in most aspect. It also stands as a solidarity event between the different people in all walks of life residing. The vast could try of India.

Flood Help

Click above to see contribution towards the flood by Kesari Club Amreli.

Eco Holi

To de-pollute Holi and make it in sync with nature, as it is supposed to be, Kesari Club is proposing a return to more natural ways of celebrating Holi. The aim of our this Eco Holi is to generate awareness among the people about the various harmful effects around Holi celebrations and encourage people to celebrate an eco friendly Holi!